Friday, August 2, 2013

Cheap Tiffany Jewelry is with its own design meanning

I wear Tiffany earrings, and wearing only the left one.

Many people who see me for the first time, raised some doubts, think I have a problem. I know these ideas not to blame other people, because the inertia of thinking, including seeing things for the first time will have their own judgment. Earrings became jewelry on me. Relatively speaking, I became an independent person, or you'll define me as a personality person, or was an impetuous man, these mistakes are the result of my own.

Actually I also have other of jewelry, for example cheap Tiffany necklace, bracelet, and ring, these I was wearing without any more representative significance, instead is later, was defined as some with wallowed of ideas, for example ring, different fingers wear it, it is represent different meaning. Then I will think why these jewelries have those significance, where are they from?

Remember I have met a girls in my way home, she wear a feet bracelet in a bronze coins, I asked up, she told me, that bronze coins is given by her parents when she was born, elderly were buried those bronze coins around graves, such similar of bronze coins, then until later has kids was born, per everyone a piece, because wearing with these bronze coins of children will not fear, may is has ancestors of bless. This legacy of traditional cultural practices are in fact very interesting, often can have many stories came out, so it's not hard to understand, to some kind of faith rests on something, is also a very good move.

Back in my own, while stretching the so-called ornaments on the significance, but I admit, I wear my cheap Tiffany jewelry more likely meaning is flaunt themselves, or be able to give people a very deep impression, or attract the attention of people around me, impetuous and vanity. Maybe soon, my jewelry will be replaced or there is no Tiffany jewelry, for me, my life continues to the same being, meaning of the jewelry is not large.

Previously read, say the watch is the man only jewelry, the watches are bought from small market at the cheap or from the expensive brand store, there have the same function showing the time. The difference may tell the owners’ different statues. There is some kind of stories, but I think, it is just a story but not for traditional.

For many Tiffany Jewelry, the designers have their owner design ideas about it, and every Jewelries are full of vitality.